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More lace to LOVE in spring 2014!

Spring 2013 was full of lacy looks, and spring 2014 has kept with the same feminine and sweet look, and I couldn't be more excited! Last year's lace mini skirts have been swept away by this season's lace pencil skirts, a look that is perfect for wearing to work, and wearing on that special night out. Let's take a look at some of my favorite runway looks and popular clothing stores that feature this fresh trend.

Let's start with my DREAM skirt in lovely yellow from Neiman Marcus. This skirt, to me, is perfect in every single way. I love the color, the cut of the miniskirt underlay, and the lace pattern overlay. It's tight in all of the right places, yet the bright yellow color gives such a playful and fresh springtime feeling. I love the styling of this look, too. It's completely put-together, yet casual and fun with the graphic tee and the athletic jacket softening the punch of the yellow. 

Is it acceptable to register for one's own birthday gifts? Because this would be the very first item on my list...right before a trip to Paris ;) At $208, this skirt is more expensive, but in my opinion, it defies all expectations for what a lace pencil skirt should be. 

This next lace pencil skirt look features soft blue tones in a monochromatic color scheme and I think it is dreamy. This look is just right for a Saturday of shopping and walking downtown, or heading to a bridal party brunch. Let's not get started on how much I love this season's pairing of matching tops and bottoms...Love! Love! Love! 

One of my favorite parts of this lace look is the large pattern on this skirt. I think it makes a very interesting contrast against nude legs. This Asos look is quite affordable, at $42 for the skirt.  

Asos is a great place to shop for fashion-forward looks, at good prices, and this next look is another favorite. Black is always chic, regardless of season, and this black lace pencil skirt paired with a cream cami really works for me. I love the combination of sexy and soft, and this lace look combines those two feelings seamlessly.


This is cocktail hour perfection, in every. single. way. Another great steal at $42.  

Ready for a look that personifies spring perfection? Leave it to Nordstrom's to style a lace pencil skirt look and combine a sweet floral top and killer heels to make a lust-worthy outfit that looks as put-together as it is fierce.

How AMAZING is this skirt??? I love the baby pink tone and the extra short mini underneath. There's nothing to critique about this skirt, not even the price, which comes in at a cool $58. Nordstorm's believes like I do in free shipping, free returns- frankly, I'm surprised that it's not an industry wide standard. Regardless, pick up this skirt and thank me later. It's a gem.

After all that gorgeous inspiration, what looks will I be carrying at Malia's? I'm super excited to offer a gorgeous line of lace pencil skirts for spring in three soft colors, including white, pink and blue. These run in sizes small, medium and large, and I will be carrying them at $22, shipped! Hard to beat that price on such a gorgeous look for spring. 

This white crochet pencil skirt is much more subtle than the looks I've shared previously, and there's reason for that. This skirt is so *wearable*- forget saving it for a special date night or a chic night in a remote city...this skirt is a piece you can wear all season long, both to work and straight to dinner with friends. The mini skirt to lace overlay is softer, and I think, more work appropriate while still feminine and fun! As always, free shipping and free returns.

I am also excited to bring another lace pencil skirt to Malia's, a black pencil skirt that is sexy and feminine while covered up. This beauty is available in small, medium and large, and I will have it at $34, shipped, which is a total steal. 

I love the large circular lace pattern on this skirt and I also love the length of the skirt underlay. While wearing a mini skirt brings out the bold and sure gets attention, I feel much more comfortable when I know that I am covered and chic without revealing too much skin. This skirt brings both subtle and sexy together. 

There you have it! All my favorite lace looks featuring the pencil skirt! Spring 2014 has not disappointed. Comment below with your favorite lace looks and pairings!

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