What's the deal with leggings?

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It seems like **everyone** is wearing leggings these days! A few years back, actress Lindsey Lohan, was the un-official poster girl for this casual and sexy look, but now everyone from Holleywood starlets to your girlfriends are loving this look. In this post, we will talk about the best way to wear leggings and discuss the "leggings aren't pants" haters. Let's begin!


There's something about black leggings that screams SEX. Start with the slenderizing effect of skin-tight black cloth, and it's not hard to see why girls are loving this trend. Even the skinniest of jeans will add more bulk to your frame than itsy-bitsy leggings. Don't believe us? Put on a pair of black faux-leather leggings and ask a guy what he things...prepare yourself for drooling and oodles of attention.


Hard to find a piece of clothing that is both sexy AND casual, but black leggings definitely fit the bill. And yes, we are completely biased towards the black legging look, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy a fun pair of patterned leggings either! With leggings, you'll feel so comfortable and cute all day long. Choose a light cotton fabric for warmer weather or don a leather look for a night out, but either pair you pick, that elastic waist will have you in guaranteed comfort all day (or night!) long.


If we asked Victoria Beckham, or those filthy rich Olsen twins designing hundred-dollar tee shirts, those fashion heads would be unlikely to mention the old wallet in a convo about hot looks for 2014. But for the rest of us, money matters. Even if you have extra money to spare, you won't need to spend a ton on a pair of leggings to get the desired look. Leggings are best bought in pairs of two, so you'll worry less about wearing that same pair everyday ;)


With all the colorful tunics in your closet, leggings are the wardrobe basic to tie all of those looks together. Start with a pair or two of basic black, and then branch out towards the more "colorful" options. This is a trend that won't be going away soon.

Now that we've covered the bullet-points on why leggings are so beloved by ladies worldwide, let's discuss the best ways to wear these babies, while avoiding the faux-pas of "she's not wearing pants."

How to wear leggings:

  • Cover the lady bits! If the leggings are solid material, such as a leather, then it's ok to wear a shirt that is slightly shorter than a tunic, but it's definitely NOT ok to wear leggings with a crop top or any shirt that leaves little to the imagination when it comes showing off the lady humps.
  • Embrace length! We feel leggings look best with longer tunics and tops that cover you up and come to just below the butt. Not only will you get the attention you want for looking good, but you won't need to worry about getting the wrong type of attention (think: mocking)
  • Hesitating? Change shirts. Leggings can also replace tights or add some coverage to a short miniskirt or dress. 

"But leggings aren't pants!" Thanks haters, we all know that. Or at least, let's hope that most of us have accepted this fact. Still, leggings have become a wardrobe basic for every fashionable girl's closet and we know how to wear them. Do: pair with a tunic or longer shirt. Don't: wear leggings as pants. It's as simple as that!



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